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Photocomasia provides product photography in Bangkok Thailand specializing in a low cost top quality service. The images and layout details ensure the most eye-catching presentations as the best way to promote products, such as jewellery, fashion garments, toys, tools, electronic components, and smart phones, etc.in catalogues, web sites, and other promotional media.


Smaller objects such as gold and silver earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants decorated with diamonds, precious stones, or pearls are photographed in our studio to achieve the best results. Larger machinery or structural components can be photographed on-site and transferred to a plain white background in the studio.

Digital enhancement at a nominal extra cost is available according to the client's requirements to achieve the best effect.



Photocomasia has over 30 years experience in professional product photography in Thailand, with extensive experience photographing the most intricate jewellery pieces, such as solitaire rings and brooches, micro-electronic components in our studio, or factory machines on-site if necessary.


Our expertise in digital techniques ensures we produce stunningly detailed images with flexibility, speed, and at a lower cost.

Digital enhancement at a nominal cost removes any naturally occurring imperfections in a jewellery item, or transfers an on-site machine image onto a plain white background, thus removing any distracting features.



Photocomasia’s digital capability allows a flexible approach to product photography according to the type and size of product. Portable products are best photographed in our studio, especially when product lines are imaged for catalogues. Studio photography maintains service cost at an absolute minimum. For non-portable products, we shoot initial photography at the manufacturing site or outlet. The initial result is then enhanced with a studio quality background when processed through our digital imaging/editing system. The final result is equivalent to products photographed in the studio.



If Photocomasia’s design services not be required, we can digitally image our photography for any end-use or concept with full cooperation. Indeed, our mission is to provide time and cost efficient, high quality, product photography in Thailand in a professional and proficient manner.


NEW! High definition 360degree panoramic product photography with added feature of zoom to examine any detail.

Ideal technology for displaying small technical products and mouldings in every detail.


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