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Photocomasia has extensive experience of aerial photography in Thailand and SE Asia and selects the most suitable platform to allow high-resolution photography at the lowest cost. We use either our radio-controlled blimp, micro-helicopter, or conventional light aircraft depending on the perspective and detail required to ensure the best technical presentation of images at competitive cost.

This versatility is ideal for low-level aerial photography that allows very detailed feature identity for group activities, construction sites, industrial and residential developments, and resorts, and we can photograph the largest panorama from a higher altitude  when photographing a large installation, golf course, port facility, historical site, or nature reserve.


Aerial photography is best achieved from a minimum altitude of 500 feet. Conventional aircraft flying lower than 500 feet may suffer technical difficulties avoided by the blimp or micro-helicopter, as well as red-tape safety regulations.


Regulations governing airspace and altitude level often require permits when using conventional aircraft for low-level (below 500 feet) aerial photography. This can involve delays, fees, and even refusal.  
Photocomasia’s aerial platform versatility, based in Bangkok Thailand, avoids the red-tape problems involved with low altitude aircraft flights. Our blimp and micro-helicopter are radio-controlled units and thus face no low level restrictions. 


Photocomasia’s versatility of photographic platforms combine the best technical benefits for perspective with the unique capability to achieve dynamic, high resolution images, that can be digitally enhanced, to ensure the very best visual presentation of your facility, product, and people, at very competitive cost.


Photocomasia’s experienced staff review the assignment on-site, discuss the aerial platform recommended and all details with you, and handle all the logistics to achieve the objective. You just tell us what, where and when, and Photocomasia does the rest!

Medium size camera Attached to Blimp For areal photography Photography using small Two seats Airplane
Usingand Flying DjI S800 Drone For aerial photography Flying for aaerial photography using small Airplane
Aerial photography using Microlite Small two seats airplane losing for aerial photos
Flying, using ultra light for aerial photography Flying with small helicopter floor aerial photography

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